Navaagat is a non-governmental organization, run by students to exert towards a cause that we feel has long been neglected and overshadowed by the vice of being selfish and self-centred. However, our faith is deep rooted that power of youth, if united, to work for the welfare of the society, can bring about a change that is beyond imagination. Just their soft-core needs to touched, a platform raised, a mission set to be achieved and a will ignited to work for the underprivileged, along the way learn to lead and grow themselves.

Our country has the highest percentage of Youth in its population. But what use it can be if this generation is not even capable of self-sustainability. Quality matter over quantity, so we need to create that quality amongst our human resource by imparting education and spreading awareness about being informed and learned.

Thus, we wish to impart knowledge to the underprivileged kids, just a little push on the right path. To take this initiative further and with the aim of rousing the mind of more individuals, we introduce awareness campaigns and internship programs creating a sense of social reasonability among the youth, involving them in activities where they can contribute to the society on ground level, such as teaching kids and undertake Social entrepreneurship, where in they will find suitable market for these women to sustain their business which they usually keep restricted to their local areas, as well as help them tackle the market problems by building a strategy, brushing up on their own managerial skills all along.

By us is the society we live in and only we can work for its betterment, every effort counts, step up even if it’s a small one. But most importantly, if you believe in Navaagat; that good time is soon to be; be the part of the change you believe in.