Talent is wasted if not discovered, similarly a skill is wasted if it can’t earn you livelihood. Our team found out a group of women with such magnificent skills that are almost perfect to be sold out in the market but are subdued only because of depravity of the society. Team Navaagat saw these college dropout girls crafting scented soaps at home with seamless effort.

We were amazed to see how they thought that their talent was so limited to cater to the household needs of the locals and themselves only, how they were afraid to broaden their horizons and come out of the cocoon. Witnessing this we decided to be carrier of their baton leading them to light of independence and sustainability.

Under our project Dakshita, we collect the soaps made by these women, package and sell them in the urban market through our various direct and indirect channels.

All the revenue generated from such sales becomes a means for these women to sustain their livelihood.