As a kid or even when we grew up and had any questions in mind we knew whom to look up to for answers. We never hesitated to shoot our doubts to our parents, teachers and family members and were exhilarated by the information.

But every child doesn’t even enjoy the pleasure of having this elementary knowledge. Their keenness and curiosity to find answers goes unnoticed. There are thousands of innocent children roaming around on streets, living in slum dwellings who not even aware of the reason for injustice and inequality that prevails in the society and denies them the privilege of education even though it being their fundamental right.

Under project jigyasa, team Navaagat aims to impart basic knowledge and educate some underprivileged kids, organise awareness programs which can motivate other individuals as well to undertake such initiatives and other book collection campaigns for these children.

The project focuses on four main area:

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Motivation
  3. Basic English
  4. Art and Crafts